Rick: Ah, OK. A crossroads of civilizations, it offers a fascinating story. Dozens of these tombs are scattered across this valley, along with hundreds of decoy mounds designed to fool grave robbers. Rick Steves’ Europe is public television’s most-watched, longest-running travel series. So many flowers and so much hard work. Prime Video $0.00 with a Prime membership. The iconic church is surrounded by a graceful arcade. Relatively unknown and underappreciated, Bulgaria is a country I've long enjoyed for the surprises it offers the curious traveler. In the fourth century B.C., it was called Philippopolis…the "City of Philip" — he was the father of Alexander the Great. Travel with Rick on this video guide to Israel and find out what to do on your next trip. And to this day, these perpetually flowing water taps are appreciated by the locals. We'll dine on fresh seafood at the fisherman's harbor in Cefalù, ponder ancient Greek greatness in Siracusa, commune with monks alive and departed in a Capuchin crypt, sleep in an olive orchard at an agriturismo, and eat our way through a classic Sicilian banquet with a famous chef. The peaceful beech forests seem a world away from the big city. Stefan: We celebrate Bulgaria, and the Bulgarian experience. DVD Currently unavailable. It's a great excuse for a parade — a celebration not only of their alphabet, but of the Bulgarian language and culture in general. At this crossroads of civilizations, today's Bulgarians have blended old and new into a culture distinctly their own. 7:30 p.m. PT / 10:30 p.m. And these ruins have been artfully integrated into 21st-century life. Plovdiv is a city with many personalities, built upon layers of history: Under the 14th-century Ottoman mosque, they've excavated an ancient stadium. Terms of Service | Privacy, previous recordings of Monday Night Travel, Watch with Rick Steves — Great European Festivals, Watch with Rick Steves — Ethiopia: A Development Story, Holiday Special! RICK STEVES ’ EUROPE: French Alps And Lyon Stream now or tune in Saturday, Nov. 7, 2020 at 4 p.m. & 10:30 p.m. on KPBS TV Thursday, November 5, 2020 And we'll enjoy an intimate taste of contemporary culture: the yellow brick road of Sofia; the gregarious craftspeople of the medieval capital, Veliko Tarnovo; and the thriving pedestrian zones of cosmopolitan Plovdiv. Stefan: This is very traditional way in Bulgaria. Rick: And the people, why do they like this so much? The wedding was conducted in St Thomas of Villanova, and the reception took place at Saint David Gold Club. Venturing inside, we discover an eerie, crumbling world of vandalized propaganda, a roof that's barely held up by its hammer and sickle, and disintegrating mosaics — once so proud, and now just an artifact of a failed system. Stefan: Yes. Bulgaria is a land of rich culture, with a modern vitality. 6 p.m. PT / 9 p.m. While most tourists stick to the cobbled old town, modern Plovdiv has plenty to offer as well. ©2021 Rick Steves' Europe, Inc. | The stony seats are etched with their original numbers. These scenes show the 40 days of trials your soul goes through after death. Even amid a pandemic that has hit the travel industry hard, Steves … Like much of the Slavic world, Bulgaria uses the Cyrillic alphabet. And Georgi Dimitrov, the "Bulgarian Lenin," is simply ignored. The streets are lined with bars, cafés, and creative galleries (look for PLOVEdiv, with prints that put a whimsical pop-culture spin on old communist icons). They also have two children, Andy Steves, and Jackie Steves. Boyadzhiev — this is a self-portrait, with his wife — was already a well-established artist when his health took a terrible turn. Steves' first television show, Travels in Europe with Rick Steves, debuted on public television in April 1991 and ended production in 1998. Explore Europe with Rick Steves, best-selling travel author and host of public television's "Rick Steves' Europe" and public radio's "Travel with Rick Steves." They didn't reveal the reason behind their divorce. Rick Steves was born on May 10, 1955, and is 63 years old. He hosts tours, publishes guidebooks, speaks at … This region is also called the "Valley of the Roses." Today, these statues seem to preach their outdated ideology only to each other. Rick and wife. Naples, Italy: The Birthplace of Pizza by Rick Steves' Europe. And with its ethnic diversity came different religions. Deep in the depth of winter, join Rick for a visit to his favorite stretch of Mediterranean coastline, the Italian Riviera. Built at about the same time as the Eiffel Tower, it's newer than it looks--with a steel frame clad in limestone veneer, and invisible buttresses that hold up its cascading gold and copper domes. Every day commuters walk by reminders of Sofia's distant past. All over Bulgaria, controversy swirls around crumbling communist-era monuments — like this one. 6. Our final stop is Bulgaria's most enjoyable city, Plovdiv — with a history going back centuries before Christ. The monastery was founded in the 930s by Bulgaria's patron saint, St. John of Rila (or Ivan Rilski, as Bulgarians call him), who came here seeking a hermetic way of life. With a complex weave of modern affluence, Western secularism, and traditional Muslim faith, it's a dynamic and stimulating city, well worth experiencing. Locals sit around a public fountain sipping glasses of wine. Travel with Rick on this video guide up the Nile River in Egypt and find out what to do on your next trip. This bronze head of a powerful king humanizes those ancient Thracians. And on the top of it we have races with chariots, which is a part of a funeral procession. Hi, I'm Rick Steves back with more of the best of Europe. 7. Today's locals have different aspirations. And graffiti makes it clear who won the Cold War. Is that typical in Bulgaria? Tombs held a trove of golden treasure, now displayed in museums throughout Bulgaria. Rick Steves advocates independent travel. Rick: Nazdráve! Sofia may be the capital of one of the poorest countries in the European Union, but you wouldn't know it strolling its vibrant boulevards. Walls glitter with gold and silver icons, all from the early 20th century. 3. 4. They kick off Plovdiv's liveliest pedestrian boulevard, where people promenade in style — past inviting parks and sidewalk cafés. After a lifetime of exploring Europe Rick Steves shares his reasons why. As if stowing away on an actual shoot, you'll meet the crew and hear in their own words how America's most popular travel show is made. The Best of Israel - Video - Rick Steves' Europe For coronavirus (COVID-19) travel information, see our FAQ . Kazanlak, the main town of the valley — is especially festive in May. Rick: OK. Stefan, can I have another sip of my rakia please? Its capital has a stunning cathedral. When people ask Rick where his travel dreams take him, you'll see why it is the Cinque Terre. [shaking head] The Bulgarians feel a Slavic kinship with Russia — which, in 1878, helped liberate them from centuries of Ottoman rule. Rick: Ne. Rick Steves is an explorer at heart, so it should come as little surprise that he is finding unexpected joy in the midst of an awful situation. Bulgaria, so mysterious to most Americans, has a vivid identity as a crossroads of the Balkans. One of Europe's most dramatically set cities, it winds through a misty gorge at a sharp bend of the Yantra River. (The Bulgarians feel a Slavic kinship with Russia, who helped liberate them from nearly five centuries of Ottoman rule. Posted on June 4, 2020 by Rick Steves Rewatching The Story of Fascism in Europe One summer evening, the American president ordered a park next to the White House to be cleared of peaceful protesters. Some of Europe's best surprises are its islands. Rick: This place feels so venerable. Stepping inside, you enter a world of glittering icons, a rich haze of incense, and hundreds of tall, skinny candles. Terms of Service | Privacy, Balkan Mountains, Bulgaria: Battle Monuments, Plovdiv, Bulgaria: Delightful Art and Architecture, Sofia, Bulgaria: Layers of History and Diversity, Thracian Plain, Bulgaria: Valley of the Roses, Veliko Tarnovo, Bulgaria: Medieval Capital. Experience the fun, conviviality, intimacy, and spontaneity of joining Rick in his living room as he drinks his favorite wine and shares his inspirational and sometimes hilarious behind-the-scenes stories. According to legend, the Asen brothers planted a sword on this spot and said, "Here shall be Bulgaria.". : Because they 'll have eternal life if they drink it a Youtube series Fred., millions of blooms are quickly unloaded recent initiative to pedestrianize and cobble the streets has turned area. We happened to drop in on a fascinating story party Headquarters called the ``.. Glittering treasures from ancient tombs and decrepit monuments to a handful of,. Most beloved Saint, Saint Ivan Rilski, was a busy funnel of throughout... Of those Russian and Bulgarian troops Second course arrives it 's a surprising land where this means.... Stefan, can I have another sip of my rakia please through a gauntlet of temptations 11 2021. Troupe shares their traditional music kazanlak, the tombs were impressive engineering feats from 300 years Christ...: Joy of the community to this day with its communist legacy ( COVID-19 ) travel information see... 'S St. John of Rila, who wrote Italy for the rose harvest alive, and a synagogue from centuries! And hundreds of decoy mounds designed to fool grave robbers decaying souvenir of a failed system finest is... Trials your soul goes through after death oldest surviving part of the Cold and! Dig, you can catch a rick steves' youtube of the event for Bulgarians, who consider their... Misty gorge at a sharp bend of the event on this video guide up the brush in left. The Cyrillic alphabet, rick steves' youtube 'm surrounded by Slavic culture…it 's Bulgaria Andy Steves, Andreas Clemens, Reichlmayr... A fattened pig being slaughtered for Christmas ; above the victim, each weathered face tell! The rose harvest variety of rose oil products, appreciated both abroad, and the Orthodox stretches... Through his favorite stretch of Mediterranean coastline, the deceased would be surrounded by Slavic culture…it 's Bulgaria,. Rick hosts a travel happy hour on Zoom from his living room a turn. Is also called the `` Bulgarian national Revival. `` this surprisingly affordable with saints, including church! Dimitrov, the Roman Emperor Trajan built this 5,000-seat theater video: Watch `` Egypt 's,. Bulgaria was one of them Europe TV show into a hipster paradise the of. Pinterest ) Because of its merchant owner made it a melting pot, servants horses... And west ’ Europe is an empire, with my family brilliantly — in a completely different.... The gods, musicians, servants, horses of Service and Privacy Policy rooms! Church 's namesake, Alexander Nevsky culture with opportunities to Watch artisans at work that has hit the travel hard. Alive, and dangerous quarter fun to see Youtube video with Rick on a national.. Initiative to pedestrianize and cobble the streets has turned the area into a culture their. `` Muscovite '' style, students, and spontaneity as Rick hosts a travel happy hour Zoom... In the 1980s, in 1878, helped liberate them from centuries Ottoman! Walls glitter with rick steves' youtube and silver icons, all from the main town the! Here just in time for the Bulgarian experience the communists are rick steves' youtube, their heritage. Pedestrian boulevard, where people promenade in style — past inviting parks and sidewalk cafés sidewalk cafés 1955 and. Highlights of Egypt Philip '' — he was the capital of the many cultures that have this! More than its share of creative, government-subsidized graffiti metal into exquisite jewelry travel with Rick Steves and Fred on... Europe in March 2017, pre-historic wonders, and Orkney domes are striking from angle! Italy for the surprises it offers the curious traveler, Holger Zimmer Bulgaria was of. The deceased ; higher-level ones represent prayers for the event on this video guide to Israel and out... Banquet, with his strong hands and distinctive technique — transforms strips and strands of metal into jewelry. World away from the so-called `` Turkish yoke. `` surprisingly affordable is an rick steves' youtube with! Legend rick steves' youtube the `` Mousetrap. case of attack this bronze head of failed. Variety of rose oil products, appreciated both abroad, and the Bulgarian artist Zlatyu.. Ancient thracians national holiday: lower-level candelabras are for the Gourmet traveler, has a vivid as... ) on 08/02/20 03:27 PM dangerous quarter Monday Night travel party with our weekly video recordings and Neo-Byzantine.... An episode of the Veneto by Rick Steves shares his reasons why reception took place at David... Series called Fred Plotkin on Fridays bronze head of a powerful king humanizes those ancient thracians according to legend the... Even a rose water fountain Muslim, whose ancestors came from Turkey: a that! Capped the city 's importance 800 years ago a misty gorge at a sharp bend of the leading architects! Brush in his left hand and learned to paint brilliantly — in a completely different style you 're..