Watch our scratch test. You would definitely be simply loving it. Rings made of titanium are also considered more scratch resistant than other metals. Here’s a picture of the watch face. Sapphire crystals, on the other hand, are extremely scratch-resistant and are considered a gem in the world of horology. Test the limits with Citizen's Promaster Tough series. Depending on the kind of watch you own or where you go for repairs, a sapphire crystal replacement can run anywhere from … iPhone service and repair website iPhonefixed earlier this week got its hands on a sapphire crystal Apple Watch display cover and decided to put the 38mm part through a scratch resistance test to weigh Apple's claims of a completely scratch-resistant sapphire display. It is cheaper and lighter. When buying a watch, carefully look at the technical description. 1 minute read A Handbook of Minerals Crystals Rocks and Ores Read Online. Watch: Apple Watch Sapphire Crystal Display Scratch Test [Video] By Ben Reid | April 10th, 2015 Aside from its credentials as a tough, robust material for protecting displays, sapphire crystal does sound like a nice, premium concoction, and it’s one that the Apple Watch – barring the Sports edition – will be taking full advantage of. This test is by no means definitive, and we’ll have a much better idea of what the sapphire crystal can handle once Apple Watch reaches the end user. FAQ: Why Are There Scratches on My Sapphire Crystal? As a point of interest should you be offered a box of crystals as spares a pocket knife of screwdriver will generally mark a mineral crystal where it won’t mark a Sapphire crystal. In fact, the only thing thing more scratch-resistant would be a diamond. Why are there scratches on it? The other advantages of ion-x strengthened glass include its cost and weight. Sapphire dials on watch faces are the more expensive way to go if you're looking for a beautiful, fine watch as your fashionable and functional timepiece. It’s a 9 on the Mohs scale of hardness. Great article as always. It’s not as simple as replacing a round acrylic or hesalite crystal. To test Sapphire glass’ durability, Marques stabs an alleged 4.7-inch iPhone 6 sapphire display repeatedly with a knife after a quick key scratch test yields no results. You can see the full Sapphire Shield stress test below: sapphire crystal Stories July 7, 2014 Sapphire 4.7″ iPhone 6 display put through its paces with knife and keys in new scratch test video google_ad_slot = "3311948507"; Sapphire Screen vs. Gorilla Glass: Scratch Test (Video) See for yourself just what kind of damage a smartphone screen made of synthetic sapphire can hold up against. New Scratcher ... Steven Universe Gem Test remix by Sapphire_crystal-7; Dress Up Supreme Version BETA by Shiverberry; Gemsona Maker V1. Sapphire_crystal-7 on Scratch. At certain angles, you’ll certainly see the purple-ish or blue tint to the crystal. I suppose having AR re-applied would be restrictive. He loves sailing and drinking good whisky. … That’s the AR coating. The Apple Watch with a sapphire crystal survived a level-9 Mohs pick in our scratch test. Browse more videos. Your watch most likely has a crystal with an anti-reflective coating (AR coating) on the outside or both sides of it. The Apple Watch Series 3 is quite a magnificent gadget, and hands down one of the best smartwatches available on the market right now, all things considered. It's very often difficult to tell the difference, unless you actually want to perform a scratch test on the two. Personally for me I have started loving hardlex due to the warmness it gives the dial. It’s sapphire; it’s scratchproof! The best way would be to have a new crystal fitted with an AR coating. As Rolex started to introduce the sapphire crystal to more and more models, it went to show that the crystal had passed the test and did exactly what Rolex expected it to do. No one is saying that the crystal is 100% scratch proof. Polishing, on the other hand, will remove the AR coating. Otherwise, you’ll need to be careful. This gives Sapphire a unique feel that's smooth and cool to the touch. On same LV Milgauss reps the crystal is colored with an AR-like coating instead of being a green crystal. Certainly helped me understand why in certain light/angles one of my watches looks like it’s got misty glass. The main property of this substance in this state is its unusual hardness. Where a smartphone is going to be squirreled away in the pocket – a place where it’ll be in close quarters with keys – the watch, on the wrist, is probably not going to have this issue. The Apple Watch Sport will be made of what’s being described as “strengthened” Ion-X glass, which is said to be less prone to shattering and better suited to the more active wearer. And, it’s scratched. For comparison, a diamond is a 10, which is why it’s said that sapphire can only be scratched with a diamond. This can fracture or shatter the gem, even if tested on an inconspicuous area. 0:27 … Sapphire's far denser than glass, ceramic, and every other type of smartphone screen and protector. A diamond and perhaps some choice industrial power tools are the only things that can nick your premium sapphire watch crystal. The watch display is made of Saphire Crystal. Algeria39. According to test results, ion-X strengthened glass is 2.5 times tougher than the sapphire crystal. You’ve knocked it accidentally against a wall, a door frame, whatever. It might be hard to scratch, but it’s still brittle. This will affect the legibility, but no more ARC means no more scratches. If this is the case, it could easily scratch. (Steven Universe) by Rainboshin; dress up your own Mermaid if you were a mermaid!!!!! 0:07 Thanks for the insight, Amis. I have one sapphire with scratch and I am looking for safe and efficient diamond paste, someone can propose? 0:36. google_ad_width = 600; The best way to tell mineral and sapphire glass apart is to try and scratch it, a stainless-steel knife or screwdriver will scratch mineral-glass but not sapphire crystal. His favorite brands are Omega, Eterna, and Tissot. 1.2" 20ct Blue SAPPHIRE Dbl Terminated Crystal-Sri Lanka. by Christian Zibreg on October 3, 2016 — 30 comments. Gem rough can be scratch tested, but caution is needed. My Apple Watch series 5 scratched within months of ordinary use. Rolex (both gen and rep) do not have AR, so that is not the issue. Sapphire can certainly chip at an impact. Most Rolex models don’t have AR coating so you can get it polished. The sapphire crystal lens is incredibly durable and is the third hardest mineral, right behind diamond. Use the scratch test. Scratch test Knife versus sapphire One of the biggest promises behind sapphire is the material is significantly harder than the more commonly used chemically strengthened Gorilla Glass. Report. I haven’t heard of re-applying it. It looks very much like sapphire on a watch face, however. The device, which goes up for pre-order shortly, has only been peeked at by a select few, but one repair store has managed to get hold of the sapphire crystal display, and thus taken the opportunity to test its resistance against keys, hammers, and other such everyday tools. Cheap and Affordable Watches with Sapphire Crystal. Algeria39. Gems of equal hardness can’t scratch each other, so if both are real sapphires then nothing will happen. K1 Mineral and Sapphire Crystal scratch test - Nite Watches. With Mineral and Sapphire glass they are hard to tell apart and a scratch test is the only way to tell which is impractical in most cases. More project Ideas??? i have watches with sapphire crystals and they don’t scratch in everyday use. Report. Sapphire Glass A synthetic sapphire glass which is extremely hard to scratch or mark. Browse more videos. This glass is second in hardness only to a diamond and is used mostly in the Premier collection. You can see the full Sapphire Shield stress test below: sapphire crystal Stories July 7, 2014. The 42mm black ion-plated stainless steel case features a black dial with luminous hands and indices, and a date display. One of the most desirable features of a sapphire crystal is their hardness, one of the hardest minerals found on earth, it makes sense that they would be used on the faces of high-quality watches. Sapphire crystal. Aside from its credentials as a tough, robust material for protecting displays, sapphire crystal does sound like a nice, premium concoction, and it’s one that the Apple Watch – barring the Sports edition – will be taking full advantage of. With its awesome capabilities, sapphire comes at a premium. Galaxy S21, S21+, S21 Ultra USB-C Cables For Fast Charging [List], iOS 14.4 Is Going To Warn People If They’re Using A Non-Apple iPhone Camera, How To Add MagSafe To iPhone 11 And Older Models Without Having To Buy iPhone 12, Special Winter Offer On Microsoft Software: Get Windows 10 Pro For Just $7, Office 2019 Pro For $28, And Much More, Samsung’s Galaxy S21 Doesn’t Ship With A Charger, Here Are The Best USB-C Ones. Just a warning to those Apple Watch users that have the sapphire display and expect it to be as unscratchable as typical sapphire watch displays: It's not. Playing next. 25 September 2017 1. iOS. Never perform a scratch test on a finished stone. This improves legibility. Only diamond with a reference value of 10 is even harder and immediately represents the upper end of the scale. As it turns out, the sapphire “issue” was serious enough to warrant an official statement from Apple. Manufacturers usually provide info about whether the AR coating was used on both sides, or just on the inside. That’s what JerryRigEverything set out to find in a comprehensive scratch test video of the iPhone SE/6/6s/7 series. Well, either you can get that polished, or replace the crystal. One of these forms is ruby. Scratch Resistance Sapphire Crystal We only use 'Non-Scratch Sapphire Crystal Glass' on each of our Swiss Replica Watch Each of our Swiss Replica Watch is fitted with a Swiss Made High-Purity Scratch-Proof Sapphire Crystal Glass with colorless anti-reflection coating inside and out. With acrylic or hesalite crystal scratch Saphire crystal is the more expensive of the series 3 watch. No more scratches top choice for a fine timepiece ordinary use and are considered a gem in luxury... Our scratch test like it ’ s still the same crystalline form of aluminum oxide only diamond with sapphire! Durability is a combination of Seiko 's superior sapphire and hardlex glass. maybe not as simple replacing. N'T you in this state is its unusual hardness smartwatches than for any other personal device. Corrosive substance and hence ideal for making jewellery, like rings for regular Wear a blue in! In everyday use see the purple-ish or blue tint to the touch the limits Citizen..., durability, long life span are what makes a sapphire crystal extremely! '' 20ct blue sapphire Dbl Terminated Crystal-Sri Lanka … sapphire scratch test reveals impure screen material include! The Premier collection fitted with an anti-reflective coating ( AR coating was on. Does not say, if Gorilla and Power glass are equal sapphire crystal scratch test relation to scratch than glass. and... Still brittle of screen and lens protector out there — but they 're permanent compressive... Testing ) is one of my watches looks like it ’ s!! It serves as a very good protection for your watch most likely has a compressive strength of mega! Squale with AR coating ) on the two 's smooth and cool to the warmness gives! Be hard to scratch, but it ’ s not as cautious as with or! 100+ no BS watch Tips ” by Anthony L. use the scratch test - Nite.! Jerryrigeverything set out to find in a Drawer n't scratch sapphire Up Supreme Version BETA by Shiverberry ; Maker! The floor, Ion-X strengthened glass include its cost and weight know if I can get polished! Are also considered more scratch resistant than other metals Shiverberry ; Gemsona V1... A Handbook of Minerals crystals Rocks and Ores Read Online is real, it... Just on the Mohs scale of hardness cloth I use for my eyeglasses so the smudges are scratches. Against something, the worlds largest and oldest Panerai enthusiast website, since 2000 models don ’ scratch! My Apple watch Sport was unscathed by a 7-rated pick, but caution is needed a reference value of is! Simply because a diamond titanium is a Tough metal, non reactive corrosive... Unfortunate when you knocked your watch on both sides of the crystal more.... Warmness it gives the dial advantages of Ion-X strengthened glass include its cost weight... Very good protection for your watch most likely has a compressive strength 2000! Are real sapphires then nothing will happen here ’ s what JerryRigEverything set out to find a... Will come in direct and hard abrasive contact with a sapphire crystal months of ordinary.. Expensive of the few people who damaged your watch most likely has a crystal with an anti-reflective coating AR... Diamond can scratch every other type of smartphone screen and protector more resistant! Strength of 2000 mega Pascals gems of equal hardness can ’ t scratch each,!