Here are the significant disadvantages of focus groups: 1- More Expensive to Execute Than Surveys Team meetings are a staple in most business environments. Some of the focus groups disadvantages are. Peer groups are healthy when they exert a positive influence, disastrous when rejection or negative pressure is involved. So, above are some of the advantages of the focus groups. It is not unusual for everyone to focus on a specific number of them, sometimes just 1-2 alternatives, instead of … 1. There are many advantages and disadvantages of meetings for small businesses. Let’s start with the good. In general, however, the pros often include being close to home or work and being less likely to skip meetings because of traffic or fatigue. Disadvantages of Focus Groups: If the focus groups provide advantages, it also provides some of the disadvantages. Others reserve team meetings for rare occasions when email or other tools cannot convey the information accurately. Whether you are a soccer mom driving the latest SUV or a teen boy trying to choose the right clothes to fit in, peer influences play an important role … The group decision-making process creates a number of ideas that come up for discussion. You can use these to help decide if using a Facebook Group is the right decision for your business. The Disadvantages of Focus Groups. You’ve probably experienced many situations in which you became frustrated or angry because a group you were part of seemed to be taking two steps backward for every step forward—or perhaps you felt it was going only backward. They are effective for generating information and ideas in a short period of time. Advantages and Disadvantages of Small Group Communication Every group communication tries to yield something good for group members although there have some pros and cons of group interaction. I see both pros and cons to using them. After spending a bit of time in this Facebook group and others I have really started to think about the impact these groups have on a business. Focus groups represent a traditional method of research, and the investment required to host them is high. Group therapy is a popular form of counseling. Groups can have a different priority than what the decision requires. Few people want to attend countless meetings, but extra meetings make sense when they enable productivity. The Disadvantages of Work-Team Meetings. Task Disadvantages. Groups aren’t always successful at reaching their goals. The moderators control the discussion as per his or her experience: As said the discussions are controlled by the moderator. The pros and cons of local support groups may vary from person to person, as each individual may consider certain factors more important than others. Support groups and other types of psychosocial groups meet for nearly every type of illness, disorder or … 4. The Advantages and Disadvantages of Buzz Groups Technique One of the popular techniques for achieving student participation in groups is the buzz groups technique McKeachie, 1994: 44. Below are my observations. Some organizations have status meetings every day or multiple times a day.